shirt "growing places "

This March I was asked by Print Social to collaborate to make a  limited edition shirt! Having a garment with my own design was a big goal of mine, so obviously I said yes!

The artwork depicts a returning element in my work: the wobbly flower. The waving stem symbolises the turbulent process of growth. This is a returning aspect in my work, because I believe that growing is a crucial part of life. We simply can’t stay the same.

This particular design contains a decorative border that looks like a window where the flower comes out of. This depicts the process of stepping outside the comfort zone. Growing as a person, can only be done by stepping outside of our own familiar territory – a lesson I’ve been reminded of a lot lately.


5% of the profit went to the fundraising of ‘Reel8’, a social media app that wants to connect the christian community in new and more meaningful relationships than current social media apps do. Read more about the fundraising here: